1. The Author desires me to add, that the misconception of some of his critics on this matter has induced him to insert in his dialogue with the Sphere, certain remarks which have a bearing on the point in question, and which he had previously omitted as being tedious and unnecessary.

  2. "What need of a certificate?” a Spaceland critic may ask: “Is not the procreation of a Square Son a certificate from Nature herself, proving the Equalsidedness of the Father?” I reply that no Lady of any position will marry an uncertified Triangle. Square offspring has sometimes resulted from a slightly Irregular Triangle; but in almost every such case the Irregularity of the first generation is visited on the third; which either fails to attain the Pentagonal rank, or relapses to the Triangular.

  3. When I was in Spaceland I understood that some of your Priestly circles have in the same way a separate entrance for Farmers, Villagers and Teachers of Board Schools (Spectator, Sept. 1884, p. 1255) that they may “approach in a becoming and respectful manner”.

  4. When I say “sitting”, of course I do not mean any change of attitude such as you in Spaceland signify by that word: for as we have no feet, we can no more “sit” nor “stand” (in your sense of the word) than one of your soles or flounders.

    Nevertheless, we perfectly well recognize the different mental states of volition implied in “lying”, “sitting”, and “standing”, which are to some extent indicated to a beholder by a slight increase of lustre corresponding to the increase of volition.

    But on this, and a thousand other kindred subjects, time forbids me to dwell.