Exascender Geseafaria


This is the text of an A4 sheet of paper I found stuck onto a wall in London some time around 2002. It follows letter and word from the original, which I have sadly lost; but is it a poem? A tract? Original fiction? Who knows. I have the feeling that it was made using William S. Burroughs' fold-in method, but any textual archaeology we can perform is limited purely to guesswork.

Exascender geseafaria (what other people have done)

The aerial is this all we love, ahh but this never will be all this replies, this underground, shifts against the earth then unravels into havens, they run and play I know the clouds of exegesis will be islands one day, this is one, see here is the power, the spirit, the mountain, the island the sun now the clouds, are the setting suns, the moons, then the time I have to tell you this is arriving again, now this is the flowing ocean riding the space tides, across the fields this light speed, they never move, yet we are so far into advent of cubism, I realise the moon, is the sun, on the water, I can see both intermingle, perhaps that is the answer aerial, where you are both inadvertency in perpetual motion, of life of love, so what molin rouge is to phoenix to stealth and uncover the least of pirates, yes, it has veils, this far into steamliner, coming on the breams, from the wasting sails of transcent lightspeed, these pirates, they have a engine it seems, that multiplies and dissects the universe this way, into pull and time, then they have this, foledeer in veil, lights the antlers flame there, sheis the crowd today she comes to me, there are many suggestions we could meet in decorum, I am a lover in disguise first, they say, she knows what to do about that, transceince is alchemy, then they are warriors in such a way of calibre in Saracen, they do as they know there is now know way back for them somehow they have come such a way on such a fuel of lights, and the veil vanishes from her, so then there is the power the castle is of nimod he says, I have a charter of this cradle of charter that is ring moon or sun, prophecy nimroch, outside inside on a t shirt, my apologies of the indescrepancy of this "* northern star" I am awarded it seems then, yes if I had that t shirt, is something, here, the windows of the chapel that floats in metal craft near the citadel complexes, this has the lights upon them prophecies the moon, mmm, madness is the status we have lost, then see we are all here, by some day, heh, many days have I left influence of such a kind, and you say fare well to the pirates, that they feel this day is too long in coming exascender that is the breaking of the bough they say and sigh that is the most boring thing, we would have flown gliders around the butterfly, dimension nebula, scale then has the spread of veils, the charter, what can I say, but the more they say you have come to a trap of trove the more nothing happens, that is the robot you saw in fact, he an antithesis of this, the knowledge they both share is odd to me, they are odd of advertency, the power is the process of this Constantine universe that fuels the fole, if you see what I mean, if it could happen, and yet here he becomes indivisibly human because of this, and female, although this is only reflected by the heart of power, the fact that he has two minds and one heart, or two hearts because he has one mind, mind of utopia, he says, I will unshell this way is my mystery, yet silica is the fact he is lightpowered first somehow to his discretion, he guides you to the spirit, she is welcoming, covered in such wines yet grapes are always, and she forgets to have you forget sometimes love, is something she deplores as irrelevant context, and yet where the whips are made she wonders of the metal, the same way of the craft, it has the chapel yes, it is the chapel and it holds the chapel, she is baptism is fuelline in this, mmm it is all those powers of context gesefaria, I cannot satisfy such a kitten could hold this, and see it just before it is prey as yarn is, heh, you see, you could a bit more than me you think, ok then; ah the lady has returned, what is it the ladies say most of this in time, it is time for that, yes we wondered, and here is you overcontext weponary system module failer; fhchgc, there is nothing wrong in this, no it is fine in fact, I know I will do this to catch a spider shall we say, that is why to means you see, so on, I find slow, this is the inconjecture you call firepower,                               ; mmm, yeah mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, he he he is the disarming frequency, yet now we see the red eye seal of fear, is your war against the hidden that supposes otherwise of venus in furs, her the wall falls back from seem, to reveal her much like the undress to say surrendur... So what of our letters; I shall wait some minutes of irony has love at a time choloare, to not see fire dance, you see, mmm, but it is there least and most repective of your mood in change of light, so then there is a break of conext obviously, and you will not know because there is more, easy really, mmm, and hey ho mariner, this music we hear yet endevour to find as truffles, I see the it is all behind me holding accomplishent like a Shepard, with a ball of silver to green blue, held by an angel, the same in the chapel, I think so, but know it is more in the hospice you are right, that holds this setting sunds I feel, that hide in between the dance, hiding is impeccable it seems, yet here again, where I see endevour otherwise we turn, is the greater sunclouds, and they hold a mercy to system that believes it is unnacomplished, yet what this holds in fact, is a path of jah, a rainbow of gold promise in over rest, it is there that finds obsession finds me first I believe, they say they come and go, I wonder, an angel yes, mmm, and I call the spirit we once knew here, perhaps to decorum then, the mercy you say it should find equality in women... It is the children you see, we are all concerned, we know the curriculum of the sunpassae it is the reflection on the glass, we speak as one, as much, yes this the balance within balance that is this fairilse, beware the woods my young has become, wilder beauty in temptation, our downfall, yet the call to piracy in treasure, is this break of context to say anyother, heh, this delegation of richery over wisdom because of the richery that is greed in history, yet the children see the dragon more than we do, what can it be, other than they feel such a break that was ignored is theirs to play of us this way, is the redressing balance, yet the beauty dims to autmn, here my brothers say that there is time first to love all presecence of trade, as the elder agrees, love is most important, look with love not with an ability to overcome impatience, then the women laugh, equality he agrees again, the children see this first like a splitting diamond, pulling in the beauty, over a waterwashrush of taste to economy in type of trade, we agree the balance should be taken to high keys, there we will find the emabargo that keeps us from looking to the angel as we are so sure of love...