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Standalone Application Manual

Note: This is the manual for the Standalone Application version of HotSauce. Go here for the manual for the plugin version. Depending on the platform, the plugin is called ProjectXPlugInPPC, ProjectXPlugIn68K or npProjX.dll. The standalone application is called Project X.

Fly through the Internet

Using your mouse & keyboard, you can fly through a 3D representation of the Internet. This technology prototype will allow you to move forward, backward and laterally within the Project X window. (We call the contents of the window the XSpace.)


The Icons

Customize the XSpace

By using Apple's drag & drop, you can add, delete or move stuff within the X space.

Personalize the XSpace

To personalize the XSpace, you can:

Use the Finder view

You may want to view your XSpace hierarchy in the more traditional Finder interface. This view is especially relevant for very dense portions of the space.